Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny Jason Story (to me)

So for some reason in lab today we started talking about checking ourselves for testicular cancer and this random memory of my brother popped into my head. It's actually quite bad but for some reason the thought of the entire situation made me crack up hysterically. I feel like Koch was thinking that I was laughing at his story, but I was miles away in my own lala land. Anyways here is the story which isn't as long as it is funny (at least to me anyways):

Jay and I used to fight all the time. In fact the quickest way to end our fights was usually a kick or punch to the balls. We both became pretty good at instinctively catching shots to the nuts between our knees, which when unexpected was pretty cool and instantly got respect from the shot taker (the receiver was pretty relieved as well).

Anyways I remember this one time I either hit Jason repeatedly in the gonads or one really hard time. He was in pain as usual, but after an hour or so his balls started to hurt and then they swelled up. I remember my mom checking them and not knowing what was wrong with him. We all were a little worried what could bewrong with him, but we decided to wait a couple days to see what happened. Luckily the swelling went down and Jason was free to make the mistake of having adolescent children. Thank goodness he stopped at 3. I'm just messing... he only had one.

Seriously he didn't have kids, but that's because he had to have his balls and shaft removed from the swift kick I gave him the next day. Hahahaha. Ok I'm done now. He didn't have anything removed and he didn't have kids. He grew up to be a normal fat guy.

Anyways just thinking of his swollen balls is what made me laugh so hard during the Koch speech, but swollen balls is really no laughing matter. Unless of course you are all laughing right now. No? Ok, then it is no laughing matter. Well that is all for now.

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