Saturday, July 11, 2009


We dubbed it the Fast-food-a-thon. We walked a great deal and ate an even greater deal. In total it was 16 different restaurants. We had to trudge through various locale. The gauntlet, Death Valley, and the Eliminator, were the toughest challenges on the trip, but we survived and spent Sunday exercising and eating veggies to replenish our system.

The rules were simple. Walk from out apartment to Eubank/Central to Lomas/Eubank to Lomas/Tramway to Tramway/Central and back home while eating at every fast food restaurant (no double dipping) on the way. What defines a fast food restaurant? If it had a drive-thru we would eat. We had to buy something on the menu. If it was cheaper than $2.00 we ate it separately, but if more expensive we were allowed to share. A map of our route can be found here: Map. (Editor's note: Now you can make the map in google maps instead of gmaps, but I don't want to redo it right now. Maybe one day...)

It started at our apartment. We live on Central Ave. just between Juan Tabo and Tramway. We hiked east to Smith's to get money from the ATM. We then walked back to our apartment and at 4:04pm the adventure began. First stop was Blake's Lotaburger, which normally is a lottagarbage, but we only bought drinks cause we were thirsty from basketball earlier in the day. We then had to continue onwards to Weinerschnitzel. I ate a chillicheesedog and Larry had a chilli cheeseburger. Next stop was Sonic for some more liquids. After Sonic we thought the next place was Popeye's Chicken which was a mile away, but we came across Mr. Powdrell's a drive-thru BBQ joint. They had a nice selection. I had a corn on the cob for 85 cents and Larry had a brownie. Next was Popeyes where we both had their amazing biscuits. Follow that up with Church's Chicken. I ate an apple pie which burned the entire inside of my mouth. Larry had some jalapeno poppers.

We were now at the corner of Eubank and Central. We walked north and entered the Gauntlet. Fast food restaurants lined both sides of the street. In the order we stopped at they were: Bob's Burgers, Boston Market, Twisters, and Wendy's. 4 more restaurants survived through. That put us at a total of 10 restaurants already. We walked north until we reached the corner of Lomas and Eubank. At this corner was a Panda Express, which is more expensive then any other Chinese place I've ever been too.

Panda Express marked the Beginning of Death Valley. An over 3 mile stretch of road with no fast food places. This is 3 miles of pure walking. Up until this point our bodies had been used to eating small meals at each restaurant and knew more food was coming. This section put our bodies into digestion mode and we knew heading into the Eliminator that eating again would be hard. Plus fatigue had begun to set in as we had walked at least 3 miles at this point. Death Valley proved to be a worthy adversary, but we kicked its ass and continued onward to the Eliminator.

What is the Eliminator? This is the point where there are 5 fast food places all within feet of each other. After coming off the long walk of about 7 miles we had just done, plus the previous 11 fast food restaurants, this proved to be the toughest challenge. First we hit McDonalds for some drinks (always soda, as that would be unfair to the fast-food-a-thon). Next we stopped at Subway for some cookies. Immediately next door (almost attached) was Carl Jr. This was the longest I ever had to wait for fucking french fries. Then across a street to Taco Bell for some soft taco goodness. Finally we stopped (right across from Taco Bell) at KFC for some good loving chicken. We finally finished and chestbumped to celebrate. We walked the .25 miles back to our house and collapsed on the floor as we had counted up our receipts to get 16 different fast-food places.

Final Stats:

* !6 different restaurants including Wendy's, Taco Bell, Popeye's, Mr. Powdrell's, etc.
* about 8 miles of walking. 7.9499 to be exact.
* over 1000 calories burned on the walk.
* $20 spent.
* Calories Eaten approx. 3174

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