Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Delays

I am officially 25 now. I would have posted this on Monday when I actually turned 25, but I was lazy and driving back from Denver. If I was smart I would have scheduled a post to let the world know that June 8th was my birthday. I suck at life, so that's the reason for my blogging awfulness. Anyways here is a bunch of things that have to do with my birthday:

In math terms I am: 5 x 5, 100/4, 20+5, 30-5 years old.
You can also think of it like this: a quarter of a century, 2 and a half decades, near-death, etc.

Some things that are also 25: Tetris, Papa Johns Pizza, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Macintosh computers, WrestleMania, and all this.

Wow. I am old. My brother left me this awesome voicemail reminder:
"Hey Ant. Happy Birthday. How old are you anyways? Well I can add 5 years to my age to figure it out. I am 20. 20 plus 5 is... 25 (sigh). Wow. You're old. That sucks. Oh well Happy Birthday."

I paraphrased some, but the part about sucking and being old... that's all true, verbatim. Anyways so begins another year of my life. Things to accomplish this year include:
*Become a PhD candidate.
*Complete a graphic novel (even a short one)
*Become prolific in Flash
*Kick Science Ass
*Become a major contributor of open science
*Rule the universe


Elaine A said...

Hey Ant -

If you are old, then what the hell does that make me (I'll be 55 on Friday) - ancient?!! And watch how you answer boyo, I'm supposed to be your favorite aunt (at least that's what you say when nobody else is around - LOL). Child you don't know what you are talking about - you are still a whippersnapper in diapers, Christ, look at Mama, 102 in September! You have a whole lifetime of living ahead of you young man, old you are not!! AND as for your just past adolescent brother, Jay - he barely has hair to shave - everybody is old to him - LOL!!!! Tell him he needs to get back to blogging so I can live my life vicariously through his blog as I do with your blog. Then I can post comments that will make him roll his eyes at me. Jay if you are reading this - you know if you roll your eyes into your head long enough they will stay that way, then how will you cook?
OK - I've said my nonsense, um I mean words of wisdom for today - so Peace Out!!!

Love Titi E

Dad said...

Hi Elaine A, Happy 55th birthday and you ain't old. Can you believe that Jay thinks Ant is old? It seemed like Ant almost believed it. In Addition when you add both their ages together they still don't equal either of our ages (independently that is) and Mama's age > Ant + Jay together. All in all it is all good and I liked what you said.

Hey Ant, sorry for cross talking on 'your' blog. :):):)

Mom said...

LOL to all of you and you're input :) all too funny

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