Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bike-a-Holics Annonymous

Larry and I are fed up! We can't get drunk anywhere in this town without driving or being shut-ins. So we're taking it upon ourselves to get out there get drunk and not drive. We've one-upped the system... we're biking!

The plan is to ride our bikes down our street and drink at every place that we can sit down at and that serves alcohol. We were wanting to get drunk and we also were reminiscing about the Fast-food-a-thon and we decided to combine the two. This is our brain child... Bike-a-Holics! We came up with a few rules:
1. 1 drink per place
2. Only sit down places
3. No covers
4. Bike to everything
5. Have fun

Here is my embedded google map detailing the trip. Once the bikery is over, I will update which places we went to and what I got at each place. I encourage you to zoom in and check out all the places I stopped, drank, ate, and was merry at.

View Bike-a-holics in a larger map
I also realized that I never documented in full the fast-food-a-thon and so expect that post at some point soon. Maybe now...

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