Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One and Done

I don't always get the characters and setup that I want in one try. Just to give you a small glimpse that goes into the preparation of each comic I am including some failed drawings of the cavemen. This first one is a little bit of both guys.

I sort of had what I wanted so I redrew it trying to get the feet how I would like it. As you can see I initially drew bear paws:

Then I worked on the other one a little:

Eventually I really didn't like what I was getting so I took a day off and tried over. I kinda used the same head for caveman 2 (the one just above, named Bill in the final version) but redesigned his clothes and body. Caveman 1 was a complete redesign and as soon as I started drawing (I start with heads typically) I liked what I was seeing.

After I put out the last one and done I will take you through some of the steps of how I create each One and Done. Stay tuned...

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