Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Mom Drives Like an Old Person

I should have noticed it in previous gatherings, but in this one night it became obvious. It all started at the airport. My mom was supposed to pick me up, and I ended up walking out of MCO from Terminal A. My mom was parked at Terminal B. Of course, her being in the car, it is impossible to drive from one side to the other. I mean once you are at one terminal you can't get to another except for on foot. So trek it I did.

Then we had the all important manner of getting food, gas, and to the hotel. We were going to head towards the resort and hope to find all the other stuff on the way. The problem was that my mom didn't know how to get back. We drove on every highway in Orlando looking for familiar sights. Of course we had to drive at 40mph! We also came to a full stop in the middle of an on-ramp for one of the highways. And several times we almost crashed into unsuspecting travelers, because my mom couldn't use her mirrors properly. Yea it was bad.

I'm alive though and that's all the matters.

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