Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Family is a Bunch of Emotional Wrecks

We went to Cinderella's Castle for dinner. It was a feast for Mikayla's benefit, but soon pandemonium would ensue. Once we got in to the castle set for our 830pm reservation, we waited in line for pictures with Cinderella and then would head to our feast.

While we waited in line my mom and I sat down on a bench. My brother, Jason, was holding our niece Keira. She was getting fidgety, so he put her on the bench to walk around. Assuming he was watching her I turned to my mom to continue our conversation. He had assumed we were going to watch her and he turned his back. Soon enough she plunged off the bench to the floor below. My mom noticed this and miraculously lunged over me to grab her. With success and a little aide from yours truly she was spared a huge bump on her head. Instead she was startled and began to cry.

We all yelled at Jay. He had to get dramatic and said, "Now you ruined my birthday." Of course no we didn't. Next Dana (Keira's dad) was mad and left the room. After some cooling off he came back. Obviously mad at Jason he proclaimed, "I know you didn't mean it, but you better watch it." Jason stormed off in anger and sadness. Within seconds my mom began to cry as well. People tried to get in contact with Jason, but he wasn't answering. After about 15 minutes, he came back and we managed to get everyone calm enough for pictures and then a good meal.

Words don't do justice the emotional disaster that ensued on that night.

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