Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back on the Losing Streak of Flying

Apparently I am still in the slump (also see here). Having a couple of good flights doesn't get you out. When I left on Sat I ended up getting delaying in Denver because of a service malfunction. The delay was 2 hours and finally they ended up just giving us another plane. When airlines maintenance comes across an error, why can't they reasonably come up with a good estimate of repair time. Instead they way underestimate and then the passengers get screwed and end up waiting hours. Finally they decide to switch craft because repairs will take too long. Ughh.

I ended up getting a high fever on Monday night (the night prior to my departure) and not getting any sleep. I had to wake up every hour to every 2 hours just to pee. Of course getting to the bathroom was a chore as my head felt like it weighed 30 lbs and I would wobble side to side nearly toppling. I ended up getting up at 630, got ready and left. The ride to the airport seemed like it took 40 minutes, and apparently it did because I got to the airport at 740am EST.

This would prove costly because I ended up missing my flight. Why can't there be more than 3 people working the check-in counters. Stupid service attendants. Anyways I had to fly standby for the entire day with a fever, the chills, a cough, a sore throat, achiness, etc. I was told by whoever set me up that it looked good (whatever that means) and that I should have no problem getting on the flights.

I ended up getting on the first flight to Denver. I then waited an agonizing 3 hours for the first flight to ABQ. I fought sleep to save it for the plane, and then ended up not getting on that flight. The next flight was 3 hours later and according to the service attendant the outlook was not good.

I went to the gate where the flight was scheduled to leave. I waited 2 hours just to find out the flight gate had changed (to back where I originally was). So I walked wobbly head and all back to the new gate. My luck turned when I was given a seat on this flight. Then life stuck it's finger in its butt and rubbed it on my face when we sat on the runway for an extra hour before finally taking off. I arrived in ABQ exhausted, sick, and wobbly at 820pm MST. Hopefully next time I get some luck (free upgrade anyone?).

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Dad said...

Oooohhhh anthony, i am sorry that you were sick on your trip. was it the swine flu. and Jay is sick now...

better luck next time son.

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