Friday, April 24, 2009

Take this Hippies

I recently had a discussion about Organic food and health the other day with Stef. Today in my random surfing (Biology making provides me with tons of free time) I came across this cute little comic.

I think this perfectly sums up the reasons I am against organic food. For some reason in my head organics is the biggest crock of poo-poo-ski-doo ever. My argument was that why are we removing our additions to food, when the only reason we live to be skeighty eight (as Ray says) is because we have enhanced our foods. I know there are other reasons as well like advances in medicine and technology, but I like exaggerate information in favor of my arguments.

I think had some conversation with Koch about a topic along these lines. He always has some Trader Joes food and I tease him, but he defends that the food is actually good. Fine. But he may agree with my point. I can't remember.

Anyways, screw hippies and screw organic food.

I just realized how hypocritical I am. I happen to quite fancy (excuse me if that makes no sense) Odwalla smoothie drinks. I get the protein ones a lot, even if they are $4 for 16oz. In the words of Koch, "It actually tastes good." But still my stance holds.


Elaine A said...

Ant -

Have you, perchance, stopped to think that the advances in medicine AND organic food working in tandem prolong life? I mean, look at your great-grandmother, she's 101! Now don't get me wrong, I love all that stuff in my food that is unpronouceable. And I don't like the thought of eating a bug that was not quite washed out of my organic food, but that aside, not all organic food is hokey. Did you know I've stopped eating fig newtons, I used to love them. Wanna know why, cause when they pick and pulverize the figs for use in whatever, they also manage to pulverize bugs - eeeyuck! Read that somewhere, it was a true or false question and of course I said, there are no bugs in fig newtons - I guess I don't know everything (shocking isn't it, that I don't know everything I mean -LOL?). Ok, now that I've regaled you with my bit of that and a dime will get you nothing trivia, I must away and actually do some work.

Love ya babe!

Titi Elaine

Mom said...

Between you and your Aunt I don't know who makes me laugh more:) As for me I choose what I think will be healthier for me when deciding organic or non.

Dad. said...

I think your stance will change over time. I guess the steroids and antibiotics are wonderful things. It kinda gives science lots of opportunities to study the abnormalities that occur to the masses.
I think you just want to start some controversial arguing dialogue amounst your followers... (smile)

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