Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Night on the Town with Micah McCauley

We met Micah of the M. Williams lab. He is a super cool guy and is really nice. We met him at a poster presented by one of his grad students Thaya. Anyway, we met Micah because we were asking about the setup of their tweezers and he built them. He explained it all to us and we compared setups. After this I provided my business card and Andy asked if we could visit his lab.

Being the awesome guy he is, he volunteered to take us following the poster session. So from the Boston Convention Center we left for the Williams lab at Northeastern. Their lab is really nice and large (compared to ours). It was really great to get out and see another lab especially cause we get all these visitors to ours and we don't get to see others'. (Next year the conference is in San Francisco and I hope that we get to visit Block Lab at Stanford).

After the lab visit Micah took us to this great Thai restaurant not too far away and we chatted some more about the lab and life experiences. After eating we (KochLab, Larry, Andy and I) spoke highly of the pastry shop we ate at yesterday and we talked him into joining us. After dessert we headed to a local pub for some beers.

At every location we spoke of movies, history, science, girlfriends, food, and everything you can think of. We offered to show him around Abq should he want to visit, and I threw in a possible collaboration. We are planning on a get together next year at San Francisco...

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