Monday, March 2, 2009

Larry's Poster Presentation

Proof of Principle for Shotgun DNA Mapping went off without a hitch. We had an over/under of 10 people that would approach and converse with Larry. He picked under at around 5 conversations, I guessed under with 7 or 8, and Andy went over guessing about 15. The final tally was 9... almost.

All the famous scientists came out. Mark Williams came by to discuss the progress of the system. Steve Block stood near us for a while without actually looking at us. And Michelle Wang was in the building but instead sent a student over to talk with us. He was a nice guy though.

Watching Larry go to work provided me with the chance to make improvements for future posters. I want to go with a two column approach with each column being a separate poster. I also would write a very descriptive title to attract more attention. My final addition would be to make the images way larger and include less words.

It was great watching Larry and I was even able to get my hand in the action.


Steve Koch said...

I thought his poster was on Tuesday! That's sort of a bummer on the number of people. I'd have thought more than that -- but it's still more than I've had in the past when I was at Sandia (Wang never let me do a poster at Biophys, so let's just assume I'd have had 1,000 visitors). Great that Mark Williams came by -- he's a great guy and an excellent scientist, so any feedback from him is worth the trip. Also good that you got along with the WL student. Glad it seemed to go well, and will be interested in hearing more about the discussion and feedback.

Dad said...

Wow Ant and send my congrats to Larry. to both of you it sounds like a job well done. I would have like to seen that presentation. it sounds pretty interesting.

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