Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keira will rip your face off!

Keira (Stef's dog) has this nasty little problem that she's had since I've known her (pretty much her whole life). Every soft toy she has (and any other dog's that she's come in contact with) is destroyed after some time. Sure, you can say "That's just what dogs do!" But it is the way she goes about this massacre (cause that is really what it is), that makes it so unnerving.

Any toy with a face, like a stuffed bear for instance, she slowly tortures and eats their face... right off! She will play with a toy after that and I just think thats cruel. Our government protects against such things, ya know. But whenever she gets a new one the first thing she goes for is the eyes. Those are ripped off and eaten and digested. Then goes the nose. Finally, any other piece that she feels doesn't belong.

She has a Peter Griffin (of Family Guy) toy that is dressed in a devil costume. He no longer has eyes, glasses, horns, a pitch fork, or a tail. Maybe he never had a tail... but the rest was there and now its not. I bring this to attention, because her latest victim is one of the Care Bears... a Care Cousin (not the bears, but other animals) to be exact.

With this one she only did half the job. When she was done mangling him, she had his orange tail hair stuck all over her face making it look like a beard. It was pretty funny. Anyways I bring this up because after looking at the poor mangled Brave Heart Lion, I noticed he looked an awful lot like a popular movie character:

Sloth, from the movie "The Goonies."

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