Saturday, March 14, 2009

I never wanted this day to come

When I bought a new cell phone last May, everyone criticized me for leaving the plastic on the phone. I figured it's a touch screen, might as well leave it there so it doesn't get all messed up. Now I know you can buy screen protectors, but my phone came with one. Sure there was writing all over it, but I didn't care. It worked.

The real reason it was on is that when I bought it I couldn't remove the plastic and I didn't want to scratch the screen trying to remove it. Many others had tried and all failed at pulling it off. One person, Pat Jurney, almost got it. He managed to crinkle one corner of the film, but he couldn't pry it off the surface.

Well today, my friends, is the day the plastic fell off. It all started from that corner a couple days ago and soon spread to half the phone. I had no choice but to pry it off. Luckily Stef had an extra screen protector film and I quickly replaced the old one.

I'll miss you little guy. Did you know... he knew 4 languages!

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