Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hotel Review

When Andy found this hotel online I was very excited for this trip. The hotel's website told us that there would be free wifi and continental breakfast. The hotel was located in a great location near subway stops and very near the downtown scene. Google Maps also showed us that we would be very close to the airport (cheap taxi/bus). It had to be too good to be true.

Turns out it almost was.

The hotel was exquisite in location, nestled between two very close subway stops (one was directly behind the hotel and the other was about 3 blocks away). The first night we were there we decided to walk around and find things to do around the hotel. A short 15 minute walk took us through downtown, past a mall with some great shopping, through the gorgeous Boston Common (similar to Central Park), past Quincy Market, near the Aquarium, and around the elderly pubs of ye olde Boston. The subway can get you just about anywhere in the city, which is small enough to get anywhere else from each stop.

The hotel itself was very nicely decorated and designed. The lobby has the elegance of a luxury hotel, but the room price is anything but. There is a cute little cafe attached to the hotel that provides finely priced food compared to portion size (I only ate breakfast and it it certainly pleased the tongue). The service was also very efficient and speedy in response. The people at the front desk were very informative and polite.

With regards to other aspects of what to expect, I feel deceived. Before booking I read some reviews and several people commented on how great the hotel was but the rooms were a little small. Small I could live with. When booking we were promised full sized beds (that was the minimum sized bed). When we got there we discovered that the beds were actually twins and that the room was uncomfortably cramped. We also discovered that the free wifi was really free internet access which means one of us would be tethered to the wall via ethernet. It wasn't very high speed either. We had also received coupons for free continental breakfast, which usually means pastries, fruit, cereal, etc. and in unlimited amounts as in the cheapest of motels. Here we were treated to one pastry probably purchased at Costco, and the tiniest of drinks (either a soda or a juice box). Sometimes they didn't even have any drinks available.

I can't be completely mad because the hotel served its purpose. It kept us out of the elements (which there was more of than I would have preferred), provided us with beds, gave us hot water for showers, and all the other amenities that one would expect from an under $130 hotel. I just feel that the reviews I had read and the details provided from the hotel itself were deceiving and I would not have selected to stay there if I had known the truth. In spite of all that, Hotel 140 did not ruin the experience of the Annual Biophysical Society Meeting and the allure of the City of Boston. I had a great time and next time know exactly what to expect from Hotel 140.

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