Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

How much money would the girl scouts get if they sold their cookies online? How much money would their distributors and bakers make if they sold them directly? How much would one girl make if she sold them online from her own website?

I know the truth is that the girls supposedly gain invaluable experience by going door to door. There is a lot that goes into the selling of the cookies and it isn't just about the money. It seems like there is way more to it.

I don't care, I just want the Samoas (which I learned are called Caramel Delights? how lame). I checked on eBay and it seems the people there are cleverly trying to make money off the cookies. Why can't one girl scout put these cookies on eBay and sell them for retail price? I would have no problem buying like 10 boxes and paying for shipping.

Using eBay could also be an invaluable experience for the girl selling her cookies. The same could be said if she was involved in a website that sold them as well. She would learn all about supply and demand, marketing, the internet, customer satisfaction. In this day and age, those talents are invaluable. The world is online and everyone needs to get up with the times. This girl could even join social networks. Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Blogger, etc. could inform all people in her distribution area that it is the time to sell cookies again and then she could receive orders online. She would even learn some data processing programs (Excel or something comparative) to help her manage her tasks, orders, inventory, etc.

I think this would be a great venture for a local girl scout group to be involved in. They would develop the same traits that they would going door to door, then gain invaluable experience and talents from the modernization aspect of the project. And I have just rationalized getting myself Samoas without leaving my house or answering the door.

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