Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Contributing to ABQ

While randomly surfing the web I came across this website, Apparently they have one for every major city in the US. Basically it is like an e-paper, where people from their respective city write articles (blogging I suppose) about various topics they are interested in. The Albuquerque site is pretty new it seems and it looks like it could be fun. This just comes with a couple of problems.

Problem 1: I don't like ABQ. There are things I do like, but for the most part I don't like this place.
Problem 2: Topics I am interested in are already taken.
Problem 3: There is no random topic.
Problem 4: I could write about food, but every place here is pretty bad. I could also write about travel, but that would be just me gloating about how everywhere I've been is better than here.

What to do?

Well there are some topics I could write about. I could write about food, travel, fitness and weight loss, restaurants, and various entertainment topics. What do I know better than food, fitness, and weight loss? Probably nothing. I could also do a pretty good coverage of restaurants since there are several appealing categories. As far as entertainment goes I was thinking video games, but that is really in the background. What do you suppose I would be most suited to write about? Remember there also is no surfing the internet topic or science.

Also keep in mind (maybe this is more for myself than anyone reading) that I have to apply for the position. I'm sure I will put up a good resume (I'll keep you all updated as I try and write each specific part) but still there is a chance I may not get selected. Although, there is no competition as far as I know.


TestingTFV said...

At one point thought it would be fun to live in NYC. But after living down here with the mountains, sunshine, reasonably priced stuff, and friendly people, there's no way I'd want to move back up to the NE which has none of those things.

Antman said...

Hey that is a low blow. There is sunshine occasionally. I can't argue with the rest though.

TestingTFV said...

Success! Low Blow! I was thinking that we should take a good lab road trip in NM someday. We could easily use the car trip for productive science talk (such as revising a paper) and we'd get to see some of the really cool shit that is out here. Ever since going to Oahu, I've thought that going to New Mexico and never leaving Albuquerque is like going to Hawaii and never leaving Honolulu.

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