Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plan for the Day

We got to Boston and anticipated that the festivities would start immediately. It seemed that way last year. Turns out that the first day is a slow day.

We are gonna skip the early talks that have little or nothing to do with our research (lipids and stuff). We also have hangovers to deal with. The plus side is that we are in a cool city with tons of things to do. Here is what we plan to do today:

1. We are gonna get some food first and foremost. There are things in my sysytem that I need to get out. Eating and excreting waste are the only ways I know how to do this.
2. There are some talks on motor proteins. That is from noon to 4ish but we only wanna check out the ones from noo to 2ish.
3. We might go check out the aquarium after that.
4. Somewhere in there is gonna be more food.
5. Drinking begins as soon as possible afterward.

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