Friday, January 23, 2009

My Struggles with Weight

I don't believe in diet pills. I don't believe in fad diets. In fact I barely even believe in diets period. I also don't believe that it's food maker's fault that people are overweight. What I do believe is that some people's bodies handle food differently (that's called metabolism). Some people are lucky and can burn pretty much anything they eat, without exercise. My girlfriend is one of them. I also believe (and actually it is fact) that you need to burn more calories than you ingest. Exercise is pretty helpful, but isn't exactly necessary. A reduced caloric intake is also pretty useful (that's a diet isn't it?). Either of those options is pretty sufficient, both will provide you with quicker results, and neither will get you nowhere.

I used to be a pretty hefty guy (235 lbs. is the most I ever weighed), and oddly enough I also was pretty active. I would play soccer and basketball in high school with other kids in my neighborhood for hours a day. I just couldn't lose the weight.

In undergrad I managed to lose weight until where I am now (about 180). I don't remember specific details, but I do remember it was a little combination of the two key facets I mentioned above. My freshman year I managed to lose about 30 lbs. It was then that I became really hooked on basketball (the previous summer I saw an And1 game live at a local high school). It was then that I also began to weight lift. I firmly believe that it was the combination of the two things that really triggered my weight loss. I don't even remember making too many dietary changes. The only change I specifically remember was the switch to water as my drink of choice.

Prior to the day I decided it was time for a change (that's me harnessing my Obama powers), I pretty much drank only soda. There was some juice from time to time, and throw in any other sugary drinks, but soda was the big one. Changing from soda to water, was another major influence. (In recent weight loss attempts I have tried to drink low cal drinks like diet soda and Crystal Light, but I never saw any results.)

My sophmore year saw some changes. I started redeveloping my bad habits (drinking soda, eating tons of sugary foods, late night snacks, etc.) and my weight began to climb. I went from 200 lbs. to 215 lbs. in about 3 months and it even got to the point where I pretty much stopped exercising. I still played basketball occasionally, but it wasn't a couple hours daily like it had been previously. I wanted to get back on track and I did.

By my junior year I managed to lose the extra 15 lbs I had gained and maintained my weight that entire year. I went to Puerto Rico that summer and lost about 20 more lbs, but gained it back when I returned. I think the reason for this was that I ate way less in PR than I ever did my entire life, but when I got back I resumed normal eating. As far as I remember I didn't have my other weight drop until I moved to Abq, or even just before then. Of course I went on some fluctuations of about 5-10 lbs in both directions, but it never stayed.

Now I am slightly below 180 working to get to about 165. As my recent Twitters may suggest, I am not happy. That isn't really the truth though. Overall I am happy. I just am making a sacrifice in my life that I really don't need. That is sweets. I love snacks and sugar and yummy foods, and lots of it. My body however cannot handle that type of food and just stores it for fat gaining purposes. In all my years of weight change I have realized a few things. My self esteem dramatically increases when I exercise (more when I lift then anything else). Even if I haven't worked out in months, the exercise makes me feel good. There are some things I just can't eat. These include all those sugary things, but mostly its greasy foods. Not only does it hamper any weight loss, but I feel worse about myself, and my skin feels all nasty too. Engorging myself is great... occasionally. I will set pigout days, which I feel are necessary. Basically it is one day where I let myself eat whatever I want (max calorie days to Koch). The last thing I can think of for now is that the beginning of any change is the most difficult part. In a reduced calorie diet I am always starving for the first couple of weeks, but after that my stomach shrinks and I get used to it (pigouts are much harder at this point).

As of now I am partaking in a new kind of weight loss program. This one utilizes my competitive nature. Basically my adviser challenged me to an exercise and weight loss competition. It is an extension of the Studying vs. Running program from this past summer. I will update my progress on here as we go. As of now you can see my weights whenever I weigh myself and track my (almost) daily gains and losses. Eventually I hope to make another episode of I'm Fat! as well. Stay tuned to see how this all turns out.


Anonymous said...

You can still have a good self esteem and eat what you want just lift weights and eat whatever you'll be happy i am and girls aren't attracted to looks as much as confidence

Antman said...

I do lift weights. And at times I do eat pretty much whatever I want.

Anonymous said...

then as long as you stay "relatively" fit(175-215) you'll be fine and happy

Anonymous said...

just eat what you want, and do what you want and just be happy with who you are. noone will hate you because you dont have a "six pack" noone is perfect.

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