Sunday, January 4, 2009

Impending Doom

I'm back from NY (officially a couple days late on the post), and now I'm branching. What was my New Year's resolution? To develop the Anthony Brand into a multicultural icon. More importantly I hope to become a graphic designer for people other than myself.

Soon I'll develop a business plan, but as of now Stage 1 is complete. I created a 2009 Calendar for x-mas gifts with the hope that people see the concoction. People will see the work and ask where did they get that from? The person who owns it will say it was a gift from Anthony the best graphic designer I know. Next first person will say, "You know a graphic designer?" Person 2 will say, "Of course. He has a blog, a Facebook page, he's Linked In, and now you can follow him on Twitter."

What was that last part? Twitter? Thats right. I joined so that now you can follow me randomly throughout my day. Should be mostly boring, but its good for all you guys to keep on me while I do my thang. Back to the mock conersation.

1: Wow that's amazing. I've got some wedding invitations I need done. I should try and contact this guy.

2: Yea you should. He makes llamas look like alpacas! And two humped camels like 1 humped camels.

3: I heard there are Alpacas in here?

2: Hahaha. No "3" (identity protected for security purposes) we're talking about Anthony the graphic designer. He made his name his brand. You should read about him on his blog.

3: Oh, well I only like Alpacas, but I'll give this blog a try.

1: I'm gonna go home right now and call all my friends to tell them about this graphic designer. What did you say his name was?

2: Anthony

3: Anthony?

4: Tom... I mean Anthony.

2: Anthony!

1: Oh yea, Anthony. Picks up the phone "Hey honey, I just found the perfect solution to our invitation needs..."

2: He does other things too.

3: Can he make me an Alpaca?

2: No but he can make an Alpaca picture for you!

Fade out of conversation.

So as you can see, I'm well on my way. By the end of this year I hope to have a kickass website. My first major step is to decide a name for my company. The goal being to have a short but recognizable url. Let me know your thoughts.

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