Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3/5ths Compromise Back in Effect

It became known to me today that some movie named Delgo bombed horribly over the weekend. Don't worry I never heard of this movie either. The reason it is noteworthy that it bombed is because it opened in at least 2000 theaters, which if you know anything about movies, is that that many theaters is a lot of theaters to open in.

Apparently the movie made only enough money to average about $16 per theater over the whole weekend (not each day per theater)! $16! If we say the average ticket price is $10 like it is in every major theater I've been to in the past 2 years, then that much money is for precisely 1 and 3/5 of a person.

Remember the Three-Fifths Compromise from American history class? No? Well the 3/5 Comp was established so that every 3 of 5 slaves would count as 1 person or that 3/5 of a vote equaled one person (depending on how you wanted to look at that).

Looks like white folks are bringing their slaves to see movies now-a-days. That would never have happened back in the old days.

For all your fun moving loving pleasure, here is the trailer:

Editorial Note: I can't find the news article that made the claim above, so just take my word for it that I actually read it. Whether it is factual or not, that is up to debate.

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