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Halloween is that time of the year when fun reigns supreme, and no one thinks of getting fat because the people who have the ability to get fat are children and they don't think of that sort of thing.

For the past couple of Halloweens, we haven't gotten any trick-or-treaters, but last year we came up with a plan to fix this. We would Drive-by Trick-or-Treat! This entails throwing candy at kids and parents from a moving car. That was a hoot. We didn't get to do it last year, but this year we did and it was well worth it. We drove around throwing candy at confused and unsuspecting people. We then returned home to hand out the remaining stash.

Also, this year Larry and I decided to throw our 1st Halloween party, since they usually kick ass (our parties), and we usually have an awesome Halloween. Last year Larry and I went as Tommy and Chucky (Rugrats), the year before we went as Tim and Al (Home Improvement), and in years past I went as Genie (from Aladdin), a fat girl trying to lose weight, and an incredibly monstrous ghoul. I'll have to find the pictures from those years past. This year Larry and I went as Mega Man and his twin brother Protoman.

We both made our costumes from scratch. I made my costume with a little help from Stef, and I think it came out pretty well (Larry enlisted major aid from his girlfriend to produce his). I learned to use a sewing machine which was a pretty fun experience. If you wanna read how I made the costume see the very bottom of this page.

Here is how we came out:

This is me in the process of making the costume, trying it on for the first time (what I had already made):

I also helped Stef decorate her house for Halloween. I love decorating for Halloween, and when I was younger I would help my mom make some creepy stuff. My favorite experience was this time we put a skeleton on a zipline that ran from the back of the house to the front, so when kids came to the door the skeleton would fly down the yard and scare the kiddies.

Here are some pics of the work Stef and I did (I urge you to click the pictures for the full size):

The Creation of Protoman:
First I started with the helmet. I removed the visor and spray painted the entire thing white (several coats), waited for it to dry, and then put tape on the front in the shape of the pattern I wanted (the white part of the helmet. I then spray painted the helmet red. While I waited for the helmet to dry, I tinted the visor using car windshield tint (that strip that covers the top portion of the windshield). I had to use Krazy Glue to keep the tint on since it worked via static cling, but I only had to apply the glue to the edges since that is where it would peel off.

Next came the shins, gun, and feet. I purchased some shiny red fabric to be used on all these parts. I also bought quilt matting for the stuffing. I measured out the circumferences I need for my lower legs and my arm. For the shins I sewed the red fabric (in a pillow case like manner) around the matting and sewed it shut. Stef then sewed the "pillows" into cylindrical cases. I would be able to slide the lower leg portion onto my leg (like a red sock).

For the gun, Larry bought two Atom Blaster Nerf guns off the internet (Hasbro website), and I designed my arm cannon around the gun. Originally I was going to remove the handle, but then I realized that it didn't need to be removed and I just left it as is. I wrapped some matting (about the length of my arm from hand to elbow) around the gun to get the circumference and then cut it where needed. Next I cut some more red fabric to cover the matting. Using a hot glue gun, I glued the fabric to the matting and then glued everything together once I got it into the cylinder I needed. I covered the front of the Nerf gun, with some red fabric (cause it was originally green), and placed the gun inside the cannon. I then used cardboard to give the arm cannon a more rigid structure, and to bulk it up in certain sections.

For the feet I wrapped matting around my shoes and cut the specifications that I needed. I then cut a slightly larger portion of red fabric and glued the fabric to the matting again. I used elastic on the bottom of my feet to keep the feet from riding up, and I used buttons to fasten it so my feet wouldn't slide off.

Protoman also has a scarf and a red sash. For the scarf I used shiny yellow fabric, cut the dimensions that I needed and sewed it up on all sides. For the sash, I used whatever remaining red fabric I had, sewed the pieces together, cut the shape I needed (and length), and glued buttons on to hold it in place.

The final step was the gray outfit, luckily I had gray thermals in my closet and so I just used those. That completes my creation of Protoman. Now that Halloween is over, what should I do with my costume?

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