Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Art now public: Theatrical Worm performs for Madame Butterfly

This is one of my favorite pencil sketches. It is my normal abstractness that I have developed over the years. I think that stemmed from the fact that I found regular (realistic) drawings boring, and my mind wandered often. I also feel that when I draw stuff like this (also see my 1st Art piece done in Illustrator, of the same name), you get a peek into what my brain is actually thinking.

Anyways I drew this piece about a year and a half ago during Easter vacation. It started with some random shapes (the circle of the butterfly face), then I drew one of the wings and decided I could pull off a butterfly. At the time I was all about drawing clouds so I had to put those in there, but decided it wasn't interesting enough without some cropping so I through in a moon and a sun (yes I know you can never see the moon that way).

I don't even remember how I came up with the one-leafed tree, but once that was drawn I knew I had to add a worm. I think I originally tried to draw him inching, but I didn't like the way that looked. I gave him a weird face and voila, you have what you see!

Eventually I would like to stick this in Illustrator and add color and cool effects. This would then put it into Illustrator Gallery. I figured I should just put it up for public view in the meantime, since I prolly won't get to it for a while and it could also take a good deal of time. Although I just got a decent idea for a comic (I really need to just focus on one thing instead of dabble in so many others).

Anyways talk amongst yourselves about the meaning of this art, share your comments, show friends, etc. Hope you like it!

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vea said...

Vvveerrry interesting picture - so this is what the inner workings of the mind of the Prince looks like? Explains a lot! As to focusing on just one thing - not gonna happen. You are a Gemini babe, and we just hop from one idea to another. That's what makes us such fascinating people!!

Love ya - Titi E

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