Monday, October 6, 2008

101 years is a long time

Last year I went back to NY for a weekend in June to celebrate the 100th birthday of my great grandmother. That's right, 100 years! This past Labor Day weekend (I know I'm a bit behind) that very same woman has outdone herself and lived to be 101! That makes her over 4 times as old as I am! Extra exclamation points for no reason!!! and !

I'm done.

Anyways, the reason I write about this now is because some people did a newspaper article on her and you can find that text here. An exerpt:

"...on Sept. 3 she celebrated her 101st birthday with an assurance from her doctor that given her current health, there should be years to come...Throughout her long life, Maldonado witnessed numerous modern advances in transportation, radio, television and high-speed communications."

First of all, the entire family knows that she has a lot of years left in her. And while it is cruel to say, we are all just waiting for... you know. And she is too! I honestly wonder what she thinks when she is told that no one knows how long she will live for (in the sense that it could be years), and that doctors want to study her to figure out what is keeping her alive.

Little do they know that she is not human... not human at all!

Second, they provide the largest understatement of the year by saying she has witness many advances, in the history of man. She was there for the extinction of the dinosaurs. She helped Jesus roll the stone away from the tomb. She discovered America. Scientists (me included) believe she is "The Missing Link!"

In all honesty, I'm going to describe to you many things that she has witness in history since her (supposed) birth in 1907.

Medicine: I do not want to even begin to imagine what going to see a doctor was like back in the day! Especially if it was in Puerto Rico. Looking at Wikipedia, a few inventions that she has seen come to fruition include: penicillin, the electron microscope, CAT scans, ultrasound, MRI's, pacemakers, and anything else that uses electricity. I am too lazy to do a full review of the history of medicine and medical advances and what not, but lets just say in the past 100 years things have changed a lot (and the same could be said for any field).

Politics: She has seen presidents 26 (Teddy R) - 43 (GW) get sworn in and out of office (and hopefully 44). She has survived both World Wars, a Cold War (good thing she knits), fights with Koreans and Vietnamese, 2 grudges with Iraqis, and some Afghanistan thing. She survived one Depression and may get to see another. She also was around for segregation and watched the fruition of a dream. She also saw a lot of assassinations and a couple of space shuttle mishaps. Speaking of space, she saw some moon missions and one that didn't quite make it. She also witnessed an unidentified flying object land in NM!

Technology: Planes, trains, and automobiles! While they were around when she was born, none of them were the way they are today. Planes are a major mode of transportation. Cars are so plentiful that many households have more than one. Trains can do it all include high speed travel (and don't operate on steam). Mama has seen the dawn of computers and the birth of microchips. In this day in age she is living to see nanotechnology as well. She has witnessed advances in TV as well. There have been many advances in every field of science since Mama's birth. In Physics pretty much all of quantum mechanics and relativity have come to see the light. In Biology almost everything outside of Mendel and Darwin have been realized. In Chemistry... who cares about Chemistry.

Sports: Just about every major sport have their golden age after her birth. By this I mean they are established as leagues and have championship games. The NFL was established in 1920, the NBA in 1946, and MLB in 1903 (4 years before her birth). The Olympics were reestablished in 1896 (11 years before her arrival).

There is just so much to cover! If you can think of anything cool or important that has come (and/or gone) in the past 101 years I encourage you to comment on it. Let's hope that she goes on for another bunch of years.


Mom said...

You are too funny, and she just might out live all of us. It's amazing to know and see all that happened during her lifetime, just think I may be the next Mama :)

Antman said...

Oh god no! If you become the next Mama I will shoot myself!

vea said...

Ant - I think Mama's most important contribution to this world was Luz Angela Toledo, my Mom, your grandmother. Just think, if Mama had not had Nanny, your Mom wouldn't be here and we would not be reading your highly amusing blog!
Love ya Ant - can't wait for you to come home.

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