Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Illustrator Art Gallery

Using one of my favorite graphic design tools (Illustrator) I have managed to create my first graphic art work. It has no name because I couldn't think of anything that matched its appeal.

This piece is also pretty abstract. I designed it as such mostly because I saw some pretty interesting shapes in what I was doing and wanted to show it all to you. Also a lot of my more recent stuff has been along these lines. I really can't explain the shift in artistic focus, but I'll prolly get back into drawing some real tangible subjects (mostly for other projects like for web comics and stuff).

Hopefully this is the first project in a long line of art displays that I will have for you. I already have another project in the works and that could potentially be finished in less than a week. (I'm just trying to be realistic here.)

With that said, I bring you my 1st Art:

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