Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going to the Doctor

I can't remember if I mentioned my injuries and I'm too lazy to go back and look and then link to the post where I do (if I do), but back in July I hurt my foot and the pain was so much that I could barely (and sometimes not at all) walk.

I went in to the doctor about 3 weeks ago to see if there was a major problem. X-rays were taken (I know this is on this site) and source of problem was still undetermined. So they rescheduled me.

Today was my return date, because there was a podiatry clinic. The problem is known as capsulitis. And it sounded like no big deal. There were two methods of curation. The first was to make a pad for my shoe that would alleviate stress on the joint and to take Ibuprofen until the problem went away (hopefully like 2 weeks from now). The other solution was:

Cortisone injection to the joint!

Buck that. There ain't no bucking way I am going to bucking take a bucking shot in my bucking joint. Uh-uh!!!

The doctor looked at me and asked which option I wanted. More specifically she asked if I wanted the shot. I gave a definitive "No way." And she laughed. She then told me she had this very condition once and opted for the shot. She then told me that she was screaming for her life while she was getting it. Deal sealed! NO WAY IN HELL AM I GETTING THAT!

So she made me a pad and told me to put it in the shoes that I wear that have the most support. Preferably athletic shoes. I then told her that I had like 20 pairs of shoes. She told me to just pick the pair I wear most often. So as soon as she left me alone, I snagged like 3 more pads so that I could make my own and put them in other shoes so that I have more options.

I'm always thinking!

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Mom said...

You little thief, taking from your dr extra pads.

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