Friday, September 5, 2008

Art now public: The Creepy Guy

I have scanned a whole bunch of drawings that I did a while ago that have never been seen by anyone but a select few. Not for any particular reason outside of the drawings were in notebooks and stuff that haven't always been available even to myself.

With the help of technology and my creative self I am now making these pictures available to the public! My first picture was a pencil sketch I drew that I call the creepy guy.

I drew this piece because I was feeling lazy at the time and didn't wanna draw anything with any sort of detail. So first I drew the backdrop (tree and ground and flowers). Then I thought it would be interesting if there was one part that had a decent amount of detail, so I started drawing the curtain. I like to draw folds and stuff which is why I gave that part detail. Finally I drew the sun and the Creepy Guy. I don't know why but I find him very interesting. What could his story be?

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