Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Women

As per Diego's request, here it is. I feel like I ignored you, but when I asked about the special requests, after Diego responded, I came up with several other ideas based on memories and kinda forgot about the special request. So without further adu I present this paragraph and the title of the article. Hope you enjoyed.

Just kidding. I realize now that this joke doesn't work so well when you can see the entire length of the article. In either case the women of Hawaii are very interesting. They were all really thick. Some fat, some skinny, but all thick. Its really hard to explain, but it must be genetic or something. The really hot girls all have these thick legs comprised of solid calfs and strong thighs.

I heard no stories about women eating men or anything so sorry though. Wait now that I think about it. They did have these rights of passage, and the men who failed (obviously not the shark one) were to be eaten by their mothers. Very cruel, but I could see why they do this. Its only fitting too. I mean why should anyone else have to eat a man but their own mother. And when the men get old, their wives eat them to fertilize the young (kinda like plants dying to provide nutrients to the soil). The women don't age at all, and when they child they are all men. The same number of Hawaiian women exist now that were alive when they first appeared from the great void. They are timeless.

Note from the author: That concludes the retelling of PandP! I hope you all enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Now we go back to the very sporadic posting that I am normally attributed to. I also have studying and prelims to do this month so that will make posts even harder to come by. Or maybe not. PandP was originally done during my prelim studying last year. This year maybe things will follow suit. Only time will tell. Things to look for:

1. Updates to the blog
2. Funny new posts
3. More trips down memory lane
4. Continued Celebration of 1 Year of blogging
5. And more

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