Friday, August 1, 2008

The Troubles of Travel

What is one to do when you have all these great internet expectations and fans eating out the palm of your cyber hand waiting for your next words, when you find that you have no internet access?

1. Try and remember everything. No easy feat mind you. Especially for me because I have no memory, but pictures definitely help.
2. Mental Notebook. I would think about putting everything I wanted to say in story form to help me remember. This will make the truth harder to come by since my imagination definitely will get the best of me.
3. Make shit up. This is the best thing for me. None of you will have a clue if its true or not, so I can say something totally ridiculous like I was an extra in a film that they were shooting on Kaua'i (note about Hawaiian words in another post). This would be stupid, but they do a ton of movies on that island in particular and it actually happened (it didn't, but this is just an example of what to expect).

What sucks?

1. Coming home.
2. 6 hour time difference (actually 4 between NM and HI).
3. Hiking during a volcanic eruption. (gotcha...this didn't happen to me.)
4. The expense of Hawaii.

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