Friday, August 1, 2008


In the air then down again. The Phoenix Airport is a new and welcomed sight because I am on my way to the Aloha state. That is until I realize the stupidity of this airport.

I get off the plane and look at the departure list but realize that it is only US Airways flights. Phoenix is a major hub for them so this makes sense. I look at the next one, and it too is only for US Air. A sign says left to B Terminal, but I don't know where my plane is leaving from. I walk straight. Unbeknownst to me, right out of the terminal and through security. I walk the main concourse ignorant of my situation. I'm looking around for ATA to Honolulu, and finally I find departure monitors that list all the flights. Terminal D is my destination. I am now in that stupid blue colored square. Not too difficult. To spare a lot of the annoyance of Phoenix I will skip ahead. I have to get my ticket at the ATA counter (they still issue paper tickets nowadays). I go back through Security and head to my gate. It really wasn't that bad since I had 3 hours to kill anyways. Annoying none-the-less.

If you look at the picture I have 3 different colored arrows. The blue is my start and ending path. The yellowish is the way I would have liked to be able to walk without going out into the main terminal through security. The red is the way I had to walk (on my return trip, so just flip all the arrows). There is no direct path from A to absolutely fucking retarded! I'm sure this has presented problems in the past and will in the future when we have to get scanned by an x-ray machine and 3 guys with surgical gloves waiting to search all cavities. Oh and we can't bring things on the plane in the future at all. But we are all glad that we can at least wear our clothes (although they are specially designed flight clothes, to ease security). I digress.

My plane to Oahu (maybe that has an apostrophe in it too) was crappy except that ATA has no elite class. Normally you walk onto a plane towards your coach seats and you pass through the First and Business class of the plane. Those people think they are so great with their abnormally large seats and its plush leatherness and their wide aisle which somehow fits despite the fact that the plane is only so big. As you walk by, they stare and sneer and rub it in your face that they have great seats, get on the plane first and get off first too. NOT ON ATA!!! There is no first or business class seating. Ha! Ha! I am on equal footing with all the rest and since I am better than them anyways I reign supreme and they all know that.

I land in Honolulu and the airport is gorgeous. Its warm out and I know this cause the Airport is all open. You are breathing fresh Hawaiian air as soon as you get off the plane. But its not like those lil airports that are out in the open. This is a big airport designed to feel Hawaiian and thus awesome. I meet my family.

The flight back was disasterous. (I forgot to mention that the flights don't serve food, especially not the long 6 hourer to and from Hawaii.) I thought I would get some sleep, but no. They played some stupid promotional video for segways and handicapped scooters for like the last 3 hours of the flight and the light from the tv kept me awake. But I was unconcious on my flight from Phoenix to NM. I am now writing this on like 3 hours of sleep and no food. Fun times.

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Mom said...

You're part about first class and all equal on ATA was hilarious. One day you'll be one of those first classer, then what...will you sneer at all those less honored? 4th Under God, wow that brought back memories

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