Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TOTG: Unicron (6) vs. Galactus (11)


Unicron and Galactus are a couple of world devourers. Unicron is the anti-god of transformer mythology and Galactus is essentially a force of nature according to Marvel Comics' stories. Before the fight, the three of us sat down and decided how this was gonna go. Since Unicron is the size of a planet (cause he is one) we all figured that this fight could be one-sided if the duo duked it out.

Sure Galactus eats planets, but Unicron could just as easily (if not easier) eat Galactus. Since there was all that talk of eating, and I was getting hungry as usual, we decided to go with an eating contest. The rules were simple: eat as many things as you can in a millennium (because space is so large that it takes forever to get from point a to b), but leave the Solar System alone.

They both started at Earth and left from there. Nothing was safe from their destruction. Planets, dying stars, twinkies (gotta mix salty and sweet)... In the end it ended with Unicron winning because he had managed to consume Betelgeuse ( a very massive star) and various other stars in the Orion Constellation while Galactus was filling up on planetary nebulae (fluffy and spacious).

Both returned to Earth very full and in need of a break. So the two decided to spend some quality time together and instead of gorging themselves went fishing:

Credit Uncyclopedia for the fishing pic.


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