Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TOTG: Thor (4) vs. Raiden (13)


Thor vs. Raiden. Thor is a god of Norse legend who is a featured character in the Marvel Comics Universe, while Raiden is the thunder god from the Mortal Kombat video games. Thor protects Earth. Raiden protects Earthrealm. Thor has a hammer. Raiden has a crazy hat. Thor flies. Raiden flies while yelling weird things. So as you can see they are pretty much the same. This was the theme of the battle. These two went at it in a sort of "Anything you can do I can do better" way.

I really have no clue what these guys were doing, but for me as an observer it was a pretty cool lightning show. The show went on and on until there was no more. Thor came out of the cloud that had formed and revealed that Raiden was finished. When asked what happened Thor replied, "He kept consuming energy until his body couldn't handle anymore and then he was vanquished."

Thor further explained, "My father, Odin, bestowed on me Mjolnir, my mystical hammer which imbued me with unlimited power and energy. The source of my feats originates from the hammer and so I am not subject to it and it is not subject to my physical limitations. Raiden however is flesh and spirit, and as such cannot maintain such infinite levels for extended periods. At some point the flesh cannot be sustained and that was the case in this battle."

I said, "Alright. Good Job."

Winner: THOR

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