Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TOTG: Jupiter (5) vs Gozer (12)


This was my bad. I forgot that the mass of Jupiter was so much compared to Earth. When the combatants arrived, they were both crushed under the massive gravity of the planet. Assuming that neither would survive, I ran away hoping no one would notice. I hope they are both still stuck on Jupiter...oh well.

If they did fight at least let me explain how I think it would have went down.

Jupiter would have kicked major ass. He is the Roman god of Thunder, not to mention the king of all the gods. Whereas Gozer was some kind of fictional Sumerian god created for the movie Ghostbusters. All I know about Gozer is that he/she/it? can create living memories (ie the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man), and that is not nearly enough to defeat Jupiter.

Although, it would be pretty interesting to see what kind of stuff Jupiter has floating around in his head.

Anyways, Jupiter would win cause I said so and I don't wanna write a fictional fight. I'll just stick to writing about what I see.

Winner: ??? (Thor advances by default.)

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