Thursday, August 14, 2008

TOTG: Ares (7) vs. Quetzalcoatl (10)


I was originally going to pit these two using the video game forms. Ares was featured in God of War as the villain trying to ruin your life, and Quetzalcoatl was in Final Fantasy VIII as a summonable attacking creature (a pretty cool one I must say). I decided against this because I wanted to take the opportunity to do some learning and teach all you something in return. So instead, this fight is taking place in the magical world of books. I will pit their mythologies against each other and the cooler one will win. Let's get to it...


He starts off cool enough. He is attributed to war, but unlike his sister Athena who is linked with strategic warfare, Ares is the embodiment of savage warfare and unpredictable violence. Not bad. This is where things get bad though. He is often depicted as cowardly and seemingly so to me, as I discovered reading a few tales of his. He was also a very distrustful god.

In one account, he was captured in a net having an affair with Aphrodite and the two were put on display for all Olympians (those atop Mt. Olympus) to see. They were ridiculed and after they were set free, Ares ran home. Later he was back at it with Aphrodite, and put a kid in charge of the door. He was to warn of Helios' (the sun god) arrival, but instead fell asleep, so Ares was caught again. Ares then turned the boy into a rooster who crows at the sight of the sun (which is a pretty interesting story).

In another account, Ares was captured in an urn by two giants. He was imprisoned there for 13 months where he was screaming and howling for the duration. He was freed by Hermes, but his captures would not fall to Ares wrath, instead they were tricked into killing each other by Artemis. Ares then killed some other god.

In my last tale, the god of war fought in the Trojan War alongside the trojans. He was attacked by the Greek leader with the influence of Athena and ran home when a spear was plunged into his body. At a later time, Ares wanted revenge on Athena but she threw a boulder on him and badly injured him again. So much for the mighty god of war.


He is the Aztec god of the sky and one of creation. His name is a depiction of a combination of a bird and a serpent, and so he is a feathered serpent. He was not only worshipped by the Aztecs, but several other Mesoamerican cultures and he is one of the most recognizable of the gods. There were many things associated with him. Besides creation and sky there is the morning star (the planet Venus), the inventor of books and the calendar, he brought corn to humans, is the patron of priests, and so on. He is pretty much everything in the Aztec world having influence with everything.

According to belief, the world comes in cycles. At the end of each cycle is a disaster to wipe the slate. The modern cycle is the fifth world and humans were created by the god. As the story goes, Quetzalcoatl created fifth world mankind from the bones of previous races using blood from a wound on his penis.

He also was born of a virgin birth, much like another man in this tournament. It is actually this story that has allowed for so many conversions amongst Hispanic populations to Christianity, especially after the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

One last thing of note, that picture above is Quetzalcoatl eating a man.

With that knowledge the cooler and better god has to be Quetzalcoatl, for his dominance over the Aztecs and many of the Mesoamericans, and cause it seems Ares is a pussy.

Winner: Quetz.

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