Sunday, August 17, 2008

Studying vs. Running Week 2

This week I went all out and surpassed my last week's total by a bunch. The results at the end of my second week of studying are:

Studied: 29.5 hours
Running (Koch): 22.75

Totals - 55 hours studied by me; 52.25 miles Koch ran

So as you can see I have a slight edge, but Koch hasn't put his matched running up there yet. I have 3 more days of studying and then I take the Quantum prelim on Thursday with the E&M coming a little more than 24 hours later. Any amount more that I have studied Koch must run before midnight Friday (Saturday am) or an undetermined penalty will take place.

The two of us are kicking ass and we'll see if it all pays off! Good luck to us both.


TestingTFV said...

First of all, I command everyone to go re-read the last sentence of Ant's post. Next, I command you to agree with it, because it's true: we are both kicking ass. I love the two week update, because 50-some miles sounds like something real. Furthermore, 50-some hours of studying means that Ant is going to crush those prelims.

Basically, with 50-some hours of studying (soon to be 70-some probably) the prelims will be to Anthony as the 100-meter Olympic finals were to Usain Bolt. For those of you reading this blog to whom Physics prelims are not a routine event, my Usain analogy that I just came up with is your best bet as a glimpse into what this week's competition is going to be like for Anthony. It's basically Anthony against the stiffest competition in the world--E&M and Quantum problems--and he's going to be laughing and dancing before the exam and then going to coast to the finish.

Look, I know you as readers of this blog have other options for getting your Olympics news. That's why Ant and I are providing you with our unique perspective that is just so captivating. It's obvious to me that you can read about Michael Phelps's (or Phelps') miraculous comeback to win his 7th medal, and you can also see those underwater photos that should pretty much snuff out any conspiracy theories. Because seriously, from above any reasonable judge would have said that Phelps lost by at least a phalange.

But since you can read about all that, I wanted to give it to you in allegory form, such as I did above with the Usain Bolt analogy. I am using allegory and analogy interchangeably. But tonight at dinner, the participants in the final were me and my daughter, let's call her C. Basically the competition was for me to get green beans, chicken bundles, and milk into C, with her playing sporadic and erratic defense. Not to mention the bonus round: Augmentin Challenge (which my wife won with brute force, much like China does with her Olympic program).

In any case, the part of the Dinner Challenge that I am bragging about has clear parallels with the Phelps comeback for his medal to tie whatshisname who used to have the record. Basically, C would eat as many green beans as I could give her, but I wanted her to eat some chicken bundle. She refused and flawlessly pulled off her turn-her-head-to-her-side-and-cry-i'm-not-eating-that move. Anyone but Michael Phelps or someone of that caliber would have quit at this point. But what I did was so unexpected and brilliant. It was a combo move that has never been blogged about before. First, I pulled out a new food, the Geber fruit bar (sort of like a respectable fruit roll-up w/o the crappy plastic thing stuck to it, and not rolled up but in a bar shape). I enticed C into eating this, getting her into a "two foods" mood (green beans + fruit bar). Then, I slyly implemented the "zziiiIIIP!" game w/ chicken bundle. Well, I'd have to show you that in person, but it amounts to putting the food close to C's mouth and then quickly "ziiip!"ing it away. After a few rounds of this, she thinks the goals is to bite it before it's gone, and hopefully you get the point. This works with both of my kids, but I don't know about yours. If I were like all other writers of parent's advice books, I would disregard the fact that this is not a scientific study, and I would write a book about how you should raise your kids based upon my limited and uncontrolled experiments with my own kids. For example, "2 ways to get your kids to eat chicken bundles," or "5 reasons your kids don't speak Spanish." Well, anyway, I'm not like that, so don't go lookin' for those books on Amazon.

Actually, I can't even remember now what my original comment was, but I'm pretty sure the Olympic theme was infiltrating my comment throughout. The Usain Bolt race was the best Olympic thing I have seen in my whole life probably. Actually, I'm not sure yet, but probably. If he were US, I'd be worried that people thought he was an arrogant prick that started the Iraq war. But since he isn't, I can just see him as some kid that fucking destroyed the 100 meter race, while coasting the last 20 meters with his shoe untied. So priceless. And that's what I want Ant to do w/ the prelims this week, or at least allegorically.

Antman said...

I have an idea...

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