Monday, August 11, 2008

Studying vs Running: Week 1

After the first week of the challenge here are the tallies:

I studied 25.5 hours and Koch ran 29 miles (banking 3.5 miles).

Congrats to both of us for achieving such a high level of success. Let's hope this competition pushes me to the passing grades I need.

More to come...

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TestingTFV said...

Yeah, that was a great week, good work! The contest is totally working for me, because there were a couple days I wouldn't have gone running without the motivation, and I don't think I ever would have run more than 4 miles. Did 5 miles tonight, which ordinarily would have been 3 miles. I am totally hoping you blow the tests out of the water, that would be so cool. I'm also worried about this week, not sure if I have enough in the bank...we may see the first penalty!

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