Friday, August 29, 2008

Studying vs Running: The Results

I just got an email from the chair of the department regarding my performance on the Preliminary Exams. I passed both exams! I don't know if with flying colors, but that isn't really important cause the grade means nothing.

I kick ass and I want to thank Koch for giving me motivation to study a lot everyday. Without me wanting to make him run excessive amounts, I couldn't have done this. I also want to thank my buddy Brad for providing me with the material I used to study. He gave me these books that had tons of prelim questions from all over the place. I also want to thank Larry for having the confidence in me to succeed, and for holding down the lab with great research whilst awaiting my return. Lastly (but not leastly) I wanna thank Stef for believing in me. It is this that pushed me over, because as I always say anything is possible when you believe! Thanks to my parents too, but they didn't even do anything.

Congrats to me... I get to live in NM for AT LEAST 4 more years.


TestingTFV said...

Man I am so happy for you and our lab, and you totally kick ass. I believe in instant celebrations and that's what the Fudrucker's was for (complete with vanilla shake taunting)...but it wasn't enough. So, we'll have to have another celebration soon w/ the three of us. I have some ideas. Our lab is officially awesome...Good job! --TFV

Mom said...

Hey, I had a lot to do with your success, remember I am the one who provided you with LIFE :) good job son

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