Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Studying vs Running: Gut Check Time

The hour nears...

Less than 24 hours from now I will be taking the Quantum Prelim and then another 24 hours from that I will be taking the E&M prelim. Now is the time for all that studying to have paid off.

Going into tomorrow I will have studied 71+ hours. Thats right, that is the equivalent of 3 consecutive days without sleep or breaks. Could you imagine studying for 3 24 hour periods? I can't, and yet I did.

Where do I get my total hours studied? Well going into this week I had 55. My totals for this week so far (Monday and Tuesday plus a little today) equals 13 hours and I still intend on at least 3 more hours today and possibly 3 more hours tomorrow (after Quantum).

How do I feel? Pretty good actually. I took a bunch of practice tests in both fields and I did decent on them. Quantum I am way more confident in, but I should be able to pass both. But at the end of the day, we'll see.

I am going to need a routine for the next couple of days. Tomorrow and Thursday I am going to take it easy. If I were in the Olympics, I would not race my hardest just before a race, so why do that here. Today I am going to take one more practice test in E&M, then I'm going to add a few more equations to my note sheet (we are allowed one 2-sided note sheet for each test) for Quantum. Tomorrow I take Quantum and then afterwards I will add some more stuff to my E&M test. Friday I will just lie in wait for my E&M test (in the afternoon).

What about the running aspect? Well Koch is going tit-4-tat in that aspect. He has to run 2.5 miles today to match my studying time for yesterday, but I am expecting to put up 7+ big hours on the board that he will have to match tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a minimum level of about 1 hour or so (not including tests). Basically Koch will need to run a lot either today or tomorrow to match my efforts. In total Koch will have ran over 70 miles!!! That is unbelievable. Congratulations.

Good luck to me tomorrow... I'm going to need skill and determination though!

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