Saturday, August 23, 2008

Studying vs Running : The Finale

Well the competition is finally over. The final tallies:

I studied a total of 74.5 hours (19 in this past week)

Koch ran 67.25 miles (15 miles this week)

Thats a lot. I took my tests with my more feared test actually leaving me with a better feeling (E&M). I'm glad that is done with and can move on with my graduate career. For at least a few more weeks, when I find out I failed both tests and am kicked out of graduate school with only a Masters.

Just Kidding.

Congrats to both of us for all the work we put into my future! Believe it or not, Koch's running was a big help for my studying and I couldn't have done it without his support.

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TestingTFV said...

Congrats again on both the exams! It is ironic that you smoked the exam you were worried about most. I can't wait to find out the scores. Well, you kicked my ass right at the end -- I got nailed by having visitors and that symposium. I'm glad it helped, that was a fun contest. Welcome back to real grad school!

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