Monday, August 11, 2008

Money from Biking.

My trip to work by car.

My trip to work via bike.

Not much difference in length, but you can see that it is about 7 miles to work making it 14 miles for a trip each day. I have taken my bike to work roughly 10 times so far for a total of 140 miles. That is some good saving. That is roughly .5 tanks of gas which costs me about $50 for me to fill up. That right there is $25 saved from biking. Thats some good cheddar that I've been able to hold on to.

It did cost about $100 for me to receive my bike, so right now the money I save isn't net gain until I break the $100 barrier. I would have to ride my bike 44 times to and from work, to get to that threshold. My butt is going to be sore...

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