Saturday, August 2, 2008

Livin the good life

The hotels I stayed at were pretty boss. On the Island of O'ahu, we stayed at the Embassy Suites in Waikiki (an awesome little city that has more "skyscrapers" than Abq - I use the number of skyscrapers a city has as a measure of how real a city it is, with NY obviously being among the elite). The room itself is like a lil apartment, with a great view of the city (see photo), but the best part of the hotel is the breakfast buffet. They had tons of fresh fruit (which is amazing), the best french toast, pancakes, bacon, sausages, kielbasa, and an omelet bar. They also had oddities like fried and white rice and miso soup, as well as some regulars like pastries, cereal, oatmeal, and toast. I had at least one of everything every morning plus a second helping of most of it with a third of my favs (hence the 8lb gain).

There was also a bunch of fancy restaurants just out back of the hotel in this area known as the Beach Walk. This strip of city involved much more than nice eats and included pricey stores, fast cars, and faster women (the hookers were the most sexy I have ever seen and they didn't look like hookers). There were tons of shops and people and street performers. There was even the token guy-frozen-like-a-statue-then-dances-to-techno-doing-the-robot! There were a number of bars and dance spots and of course the beach. I was within a block from the beach and it was beautiful. Surprisingly the beach wasn't that crowded. The water was gorgeous and clear (take that Jones Beach) and of perfect temperature, the sun was radiant, the air was warm (but not hot), the sky was blue (as opposed to yellow) with few clouds. It was Albuquerque with a lil humidity and water to compensate the sand.

At Kaua'i we stayed at the Lawai Beach Resort (LBR). This place was located directly on a beach. There was a street separating the water from the hotel but no buildings to ruin the view. This hotel wasn't as ritzy as the Embassy was, but it had plenty of amenities like tennis courts, pool tables, a restaurant, 3 pools, and complete activities center (which provide you with "keys" to the fun of the island). This place was way more low-key and chillaxed then Waikiki, the perfect spot to kick it. You could just hang out at the beach or drive anywhere on the island where one would partake in pretty much the same activities. LBR was more of a condo place and you could buy groceries and cook and whatever. The groceries were definitely way more expensive then here (orange juice was $7 for a half gallon).

I always think it is funny how hotels will have a pool when they are located on the beach (both places did this). There were reefs right there at both places too so you could do some snorkeling. The fish are so full of vibrant colors, it is just simply amazing.

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