Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's Eat

How is it possible to gain 8lbs in one week? I was probably even more than that before I came back, but I didn't eat all that much on the 15 hours coming back from Hawaii. It was definitely tough work, but I accomplished this. On a side note, I have lost all that weight and then some (like an extra pound) and am currently weighing 168 according to my scale, which I believe is 5lbs light. I have never confirmed this though. Regardless, in order to increase mass one must intake mass (a simple rule of physics) and intake I did. A lot! Where to begin...

It could have been the first day in Hawaii that started it all, with the big breakfast and large dinner with medium lunch, but let's go back to before this and look at the plane ride over. I told you about the Phoenix airport and how I had a 3 hour layover, well what is a person with a tremendous appetite (think about the fast food walk and how I wasn't even close to full after that) supposed to do. I had a book and I brought some sandwiches in case the plane from Phx to Lulu had no food (they didn't), but that wouldn't suffice. No way. I went to one of the lil convenience stores in the airport and ate a bag of peanut M&M's. Not the regular one, the large bag with several serving sizes in it. I think I calculated about 800 calories of candy (vs about 200 for the regular size). I then read my book some, but this isn't about reading is it, and before my flight I bought a similar sized bag of raisinets for the plane ride. So on this plane I now had, 2 apples, 2 tuna sandwiches, and a bag of raisinets. All consumed during the 6 hours of flying.

A little background into my hunger: I have 2 modes of hunger, no hunger, and starving. There is also full, but that only comes after pigging out and doesn't last for too long, so at any given time I can eat. The amount I eat is dependent on the mode. No hunger and I eat a lot (cause I will eat stuff I crave and continue eating) and starving leads me to go overboard. If I were a dog I would eat till I vomit essentially. No one really gets to witness the true force of my eating. Some family, my ex roommate, but mostly I eat in tremendous amounts when no one is around.

The night I arrived we went to this restaurant right outside the hotel, a fancy place (I hate fancy places for one reason which you are about to read), that served such small quantities of food. I had this lobster and escargot thing that was ridiculously small. Then my family ordered 2 desserts which tasted great, but also were small and left me craving more.

The next morning was breakfast so I needed to stock up. I told you about the breakfast buffet at the Suites, but let me tell you what I ate the first day. My meal included: 2 huge plates full of fruit (I tend to eat fruit and veggies to free up room, cause for some reason they always make me more hungry), country fried potatoes, some sausage links, an omelet with veggies and sausage, a bowl of oatmeal, some breakfast pastry, 6 pieces of french toast, 3 pancakes, 2 pieces of toast, and a bowl of cereal. I don't know if this sounds like a lot, but trust me it is tremendous (like 3 cafeteria trays full). Thank goodness my stomach is designed like a competitive eater's.

For lunch that day (this was Pearl Harbor) I had a protein drink which was like 500 calories and a fruit bowl. For dinner we went to this steakhouse restaurant (which was pretty expensive) called Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I had a Ribeye steak (which was like a pound) with a side of broccoli and my brother's side of mashed potatoes. I can't even describe the taste of this amazing piece of beef. They cook it at like 1600 degrees and bring it out to you at like 300 degrees. So its warm for the entire meal. Oh yea and it tastes great too. It was so juicy that every piece that I cut had juice oozing from it, no matter what piece it was. For dessert I had a large gelato.

The next day I ate another large breakfast with about the same amount of food, just in different combinations. This was the day of the PCC so I didn't get to eat again until dinner. Dinner was a buffet as well and I overfilled my plate twice. They served some salads (I overlooked these) potato salad, along with some other no lettuce salads that I ate, fried fish (mmmm fried), shredded pork, grilled chicken, raw tuna (Ahi), dehydrated spam (pretty tasty), rice, long rice noodles, and some other things I can't remember. I think I ate everything once, and went back for heaping portions of the chicken and fish (both kinds) and the pork. By the time I finished eating that they put out dessert which had 2 different cakes, cookies, some raspberry bar, lemon tarts, and something else. I ate all of that twice and whatever my family grabbed that they didn't like and left some of.

(I haven't gotten to after this point of my trip, but I will continue my meals..) And the next day we were leaving so of course I had to have another huge breakfast. From here on out my meals reduce in size because of the difference of resources available on Kauai. I don't remember lunch that day, so I'm gonna play it safe and say I didn't have any. I also had no food in the airport or on the plane. I did eat when we got to Kauai though. I said that there were different resources, and this just means that since our hotel room (timeshare/condo) had a kitchen we cooked dinner most nights. The first night my mom and I made tuna steaks and salad and served prepared sushi. It was actually a much bigger portion than I originally thought we would have and so I granted myself leeway and pigged out. I love sushi.

The second day in Kauai arrived. For breakfast (this became my new routine) would involve a bowl of cereal, a couple toaster waffles, and an omelet. On most days I would also eat some fillers before we would leave for the day, usually they included apples, grapes, and chocolate covered graham crackers. Today I had some fruit. We left for the north coast and on the beach up there I ate a bunch of melon, a corndog, and a protein drink (maybe 300 calories). For dinner that night we made (mostly me) salad, roasted potatoes, and chicken with papaya, pepper, salt, and V8 splash. It was REALLY good! I would consume about 5 choco-grahams after this (they are 120 cal each).

My third day in Kauai involved a cruise along the Napali Coast, which had an included dinner and dessert. I ate my usual breakfast and fillers. Then we left for the boat. When it came time they put out some snacks (mostly fruit) which I ate. Dinner they served a smorgasborg of teriyaki chicken, some delicious steak, potatoes of some kind, some other veggies, and salad. I ate a TON of the chicken and steak. Then they had raspberry bars for dinner which I easily ate like 5 of. I also stuffed my face on snacks when we got back to the hotel.

My final full day started with me eating the rest of the cereal, waffles, and eggs. Everyone was mad at me when they woke up to say the least. I also killed the cocoa-cracks and ate most of the 100 calorie snack packs my ma bought. It takes like 4 to make a decent snack, but they are quite tasty and there are a lot in each bag. This day we went to Waimea Canyon and on the way back we had shaved ice, which is basically a really good snow cone. I ate all mine and half of my mom's. They are huge. These are also the funniest things ever. Usually when you order small medium or large of something the size depends on the container. Not shaved ices. The cup for each one is the same size, so the size difference depends on how much over the top your mountain of ice is. The large is seriously a foot of ice. They make these by pouring a sugar liquid over the ice. You get to choose 3 flavors out of like 30, can add ice cream to both the bottom and top of the ice and some other lil things like nuts and fruits. Really good. For dinner I forced my mom to make me 1 1lb hamburger. I also made some french fries and ate about half of those. My mom once again couldn't finish her food so I ate half her second burger.

I would like to say that on average I consumed about 50% of the total amount of food my family had, leaving 50% for 3 people to split. For instance, that burger was 1lb and we had 1.75 lb of meat. Leaving 3/4 lb for the rest of my family. Don't think I'm greedy. I'm really doing them all a favor. My brother is a fatty, I mean look at him in that picture. He's beached for goodness sake. Side note: I had to find the most perfect picture for this point and while I have many great classics, this one embodies it the most. The finals came down to that picture and one where he spilled food on his shirt and was upset. I had to go with the other one, but only by a margin. Don't think I have anything against my brother, nor am I making fun of him. I said one day on the trip that he was fat and my brother goes, "Mom he is teasing me." To which I reply, "No, I only speak what is already common knowledge, for teasing involves some sort of over exaggeration." ZING! My stepdad quickly responded with a huge bellowing laugh and some props for the witty quick thinking. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one. My brother could only say, "You're mean." I nodded in agreement. But I reaffirmed that it was still just the truth.

I would just like to add that I ended my time in Hawaii with one of the best meals I ever had. I had this fish thing which was good (a lil dry but good) and then forced my family to order desserts on my behalf. My brother and mother didn't want food, so since I wanted to try all the desserts on the menu I made them order one thing each for me. My brother ordered this fruit sorbet sampler. I had a mud pie which was like chocolate ice cream in a cake form with peanut butter flavor thrown in. The one who gave me life ordered deep fried chocolate truffles. Oh those were the best. And easily the best dessert I ever ate. Period. They were like deep fried in some sort of coconut batter with a thick chocolate filling. They were all so yummy. In the airport on my way to Phx, I ate at this restaurant and had a hamburger and some chocolate cake for dessert. Decently portioned just not all that tasty. I feel like I betrayed the amazing lunch I had.

So in conclusion, it is easy to see how I gained 8lbs. I mean this is the longest update I have provided and it is just about food. I probably gained like a calorie per word or letter or something. I probably should have gained 20 cause I didn't really exercise all that much. The most intense was walking around the PCC all day. It was all so worth it though. I love eating like a king, and king I am. To give you all an update I have lost all the weight that I gained in Hawaii and am looking forward to my next pigout. Planning them is the most pleasureful thing one can do. I encourage you to try it. Plan a pigout so that when you eat, you regret nothing. I will have to wait until after the Prelims so that I can work out a large portion of the day, so I can eat whatever I want. Oh I do love food!


Mom said...

Thank you for the funny memories we had a great time

Anonymous said...

wow. i would say you have an amazing metabolism from all the stuff you ate!! lol

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