Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From Oahu to Kauai

Not much happened on this day. Woke up, ate like a pig, traveled, ate like a pig, went to bed while eating like a pig. There were some minor activities in between. The reason for this was the awkward flight scheduling, to no ones fault I should add. Our flight was like 3pm so we had to fill the day with things to do.

We decided to kill time by visiting the Aloha market in Honolulu, home of the famous Aloha tower, which I didn't know was famous until Ray explained it to me. He said, "It's famous." I responded, "Oh." So it was a pretty lively conversation. The market wasn't all that special, and even though tour guide things said it is a must visit (meaning everyone is here and its gonna be packed) it was pretty empty. Maybe that is because we were there at like noon, but that to me is like peak hours in a tourist area. I don't know though, cause I wasn't a tourist. Anyways, we walked around this mall which was designed like an indoor mall, but with no doors thus making it outdoors. Very confusing I know. I constantly tried to determine if I was outside or inside. I decided that a line between the entrance of the mall should designate the boundaries and clarify the indoor/outdoorness, but there was no said line and thusly so it had to be outside.

The tower was right past the mall and was very nonspecial either. I didn't see the big deal. There wasn't even a sign or a ticket box that was designated for going to the top of the tower. I mean when someone comes across something big, human nature designates that that person has to go to the top. It's in our DNA for goodness sake. I now designate the remainder of my research to be looking for the climbing to the top of big things genome. I will find it and then somehow that will answer art 2 of my thesis which is curing cancer. They go hand in hand. Larry told me today that people will not buy a newspaper (or read one I should say) if they didn't have to pay for it. I think that is the case here. If it is free to go to, then no one is gonna visit. Unless it is a mountain, and in that case the example of Sandia Peak goes back to the newspaper analogy as many more people pay for the tram than just drive around to the other side or hike up it.

Just outside the market is the harbor where I took the famous picture (that none of you have seen) of me holding my breath outside of water making it seem like I was underwater, because that is how clear the water was. There was also a bunch of cool colored fish there and fish food. I was pretty sure you use the food to feed the fish, but I could be mistaken. I actually made a fun game out of feeding the fish. There were fish of all sizes there and I noticed that the smaller fish were way faster than the bigger fish. I would throw food a ways out to lure the big fish and try and separate them from the little guys. I would do this because the big guys and the lil guys would go out there, and then I would food close by and the lil fish would swim back and get that food. The big guys being slow would go all the way out and realize the food had already been eaten. At this point I threw food in real close to feed the lil guys and then throw tons of food (almost simultaneously) out to the big guys who would gobble it up. My brother would just feed the birds.

I then headed to the airport which was the funniest I had seen in my opinion. (I've seen small airports before but this was hilarious.) The terminal I flew out of was one big square room with 8 doors spaced maybe 20 feet apart. There was no planes outside any of the doors. The terminal was at ground level, so when one's plane arrived one walked out to the door into nothingness where a pit awaited those who couldn't answer 3 questions. Mine were based on simple physics so naturally I kicked ass (think Jeopardy science questions, which are ridiculously easy). This wasn't funny enough, as there were also some concessions. There was this cart labeled snack bar and immediately to the right of it was a huge room labeled bar. Not that this is backward, but its just weird that this terminal has no real gateways, but it had a huge bar. I think (no joke) the bar was almost the size of the terminal itself.

I walked out to my plane (it was designated to leave 15 min before my mom's, but was late and I arrived about 15 min after my mom) and sat on the plane for like 20 min before I landed. I love those short flights. I get off the plane and get my bag and there waiting for me outside the terminal were free roaming chickens. They were just chilling out at the parking lot and no one seemed to care. This reminds me of this one day where I was chasing chickens. My mom has videos of this and I will post them or whatever you do with videos when I get the pics from my mom. Maybe I'll talk about that more in another post.

The rest of the day was getting out hotel room and going grocery shopping. This is insane in Hawaii. Nothing is cheap there. The grocery store was called Big Save, which is the most hypocritical store I've ever been to. It was this shittly lil market, where everything was either double or triple the cost of its mainland price. Not even fish was cheaper. Maybe select fruits were on equal footing, like pineapples, but that was it. Orange juice was $8 for a half gallon. Easily double the price here. What a sham.

I think I am done talking now, so see ya later.

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