Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boats and Beaches

The first day (August 1st) was a day of history and relaxation. We get to Pearl Harbor at around 8:00 and have to wait in this crazy long line. The wait into the museum isn't that long maybe like 20 min, but once we get in there we find that we have 3 hours until we can finally get to on a boat to see the memorial. That was all good though, since that gives you ample time to check out the exhibits they have about Pearl Harbor, or walk across the way to go check out the submarine, the USS Bowfin.

So we got our tickets (the memorial is free) and walked over to the Bowfin. You can see the submarine sitting right there with tons of war machines like torpedos, quad guns, periscopes (they had a thing external to the sub), missiles, and other such goodies. It was really cool to read about things in a museum setting, because while you can read about any of this stuff on wikipedia you would normally never take the time.

We didn't go in the sub, cause it was like $20 or so and I didn't really care all that much. You can also take a trolley over to see the USS Missouri (a battleship that served in WW2), but we didn't do that. If you want to know more about the Missouri then you can look it up on Wikipedia or go to see the ship for yourself.

So after learning all about torpedos and periscopes we headed back to the Arizona museum, where they had descriptions of the attack, tales of the crew, and other such tidbits. Apparently back in the day they had like sports leagues amongst the crews of different ships. The crew of the Arizona was among the best with medals in crew baseball and football. They even trained with some pro baseball team (I can't remember which one). I think they also represented the US in the Olympics for crew.

Our time to go see the memorial had finally come at 1145. They take you to see a 20 min movie about the attack and some preludes to it. Next you get on a boat and they take you to the memorial, which is essential a floating bridge over the Arizona. The memorial is nice. Its designed so that the ends are higher than the middle to symbolize initial defeat, but eventual victory.

After the memorial visit we headed back to the hotel and chilled on the beach for the day. My brother and I did some snorkeling. There was a rental shop right there where you could get surf boards, snorkel gear (I didn't need this since I have my own stuff for scubing), water trikes, beach chairs, and tons else. (I love my endings to my list because when I can't remember what else they have I just end with an etc type phrase.) I raced him on the beach too. I had to run in the sand and he got the concrete. I won, but barely cause it is hard to run in sand.

We went to dinner at this awesome steak house. I will explain this later in another blogging about all the amazingness of the foods on the island.

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