Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bird-Dog-Bike-Umbrella Man

This guy rampages my neighborhood at like 7am. Why do I know this? Because I like to torture myself by waking up early and getting to work or working out or do something early.

He rides his weird bike all over the place walking his dogs (visible in the lower right corner) with his parrots on the back (one is visible towards the back end). It has taken me so long to get a decent picture of this guy, but I have wanted to blog about him for some time now.

This is the grown up version of that weird old man from Home Alone. I'm sure he is nice and all, but he is freakin weird. Just look at that picture. He's even on the wrong side of the road. I just can't trust someone like that.

In a side note: That green subaru in the background has not been moved since the day we moved in here. It is parked right in front of our driveway too, making it a nuisance. I have dreamed of slamming into it. There was a period of time when kids would egg cars (Larry and Fonda got it), and I wonder why that car never got egged...maybe it is a legendary car or something. Or maybe the Bird-Dog-Bike-Umbrella Man protects it and will eat anyone who dares touch it... that must be it.

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