Sunday, August 10, 2008

Biejing: Thoughts up to Day 2

So far I have been able to watch several things. I missed the opening ceremonies and a lot of the primetime stuff from Day 1. I heard Phelps (Swimming) was amazing. I also heard the opening ceremonies were remarkable. I wish I saw them, but I'm glad I didn't waste 5 hours of my life watching an over-extravagant play.

With that said, I have been able to watch a bunch of stuff, and here is a list of what I can remember seeing so far:

Basketball (USA vs China)
Swimming (some qualifying events)
Weightlifting (55kg Mens)
Beach Volleyball (men and women)
Water Polo
Indoor Volleyball (women)
Cycling (road race)

The US Basketball team (men's) dominated China. It was very entertaining. Dwight Howard and Lebron James had some amazing dunks. Chris Paul and Kobe play great defense. I'm not sold on Dwyane Wade's game yet. He seems intent on only scoring and stealing. His defense is very suspect even though he gets a ton of steals. LeBron put forth an amazing defensive effort, which is something everyone knew he was capable of but he just didn't wanna do it. He had this one amazing block where he jumped up and caught the ball right off the backboard. I suggest looking this up on YouTube in a couple days or so.

Some of the announcers are terrible. I was watching some swimming prelims and one guy would point out someone to watch and then he'd say that person is one of the best in the world at a skill (event name perhaps). No duh! The dude is in the Olympics... he should be one of the best in the world. There are literally like maybe 1-2 dozen people competing in a given event. It is no mistake that they are here. A couple of times it is forgiving to hear that, but I swear I heard this guy say that same phrase for just about every single person in an event. If he pointed them out he would say they are one of the best in the world.

Beach Volleyball is really fun to watch. Those people can get to anything. It is really fun to see them go one volleys too. The indoor volleyball is fun too. I've only seen the US women, but that was exciting. Those girls have the weirdest shaped bodies. They have like super skinny upper bodies and then fat lower bodies. This is not the case for the beachers though. They all have pretty decent bodies and are usually way more attractive too.

I don't like watching the cycling road races, but they just throw in clips every now and then. I do think its cool that these people get to cycle past some of China's most beautiful and historically significant landmarks. Unfortunately they don't really get to look at anything because they have a race to focus on.

I saw this one guy win the weightlifting for his division and he was 17 years old and from China. I find it hard to believe there isn't a MAN who is stronger. Isn't strength one of those things that you can keep building for a while. I don't get it. I wonder if any of those guys from the World's Strongest Man competition compete in the Olympics. I would hope so, but I would doubt it because they train for different stuff (and they are probably on steroids or something).

That's it so far, more to come as the Olympics continue...

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