Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beijing: Thoughts Thru Day 4

NBC's coverage of the Olympics is (in my opinion) horrible. They put the weirdest stuff during primetime as a place filler. For instance, synchronized diving? Why would anyone want to watch this? Maybe some people do, but that is one of those sports that needs to go on Oxygen's coverage. Why can't they use tape delays of cooler sports that get limited exposure cause they come on live at 3am, like soccer or weightlifting, or judo.

Some of those events I actually don't know when they come on, but I assume it's in a time block where like 5 people get to watch it because they are bums and don't work. I would really like to watch some of those sports like Volleyball (indoor), Judo, Wrestling, Weightlifting, Soccer, etc. but they are all at random times or get clips. So I've resorted to the internet.

Everything is on and as I have discovered today, you can watch an event if it already happened. For instance, I almost watched the soccer, but saw the result of the match by accident and then decided not to, because who wants to watch the Americans lose? Only the French. I then watched some highlights of indoor volleyball. And plan to spend the rest of my lunch watching a whole slew of other things.

The highlights weren't so hot, because even though I could see clips, there was nothing else to it and I really didn't know what I was watching till after the play. SportsCenter has ruined me in this regard. I hate it because it is so flashy and they fill their show with fluff, but when they get to highlights they do it better than all.

I suggest you watch whatever top play lists they have available, cause those usually involve some cool things. With regards to the Volleyball, there were some amazing saves and kills.

What else have I watched in these games:

Michael Phelps is the most amazing swimmer. He swims like 2 races a day, goes through his warmups and barely fits in eating and sleeping and still kills everyone who opposes him. If I had known this he would have been in the Tournament of the Gods too! Everytime I see him though I think of these awful Rosetta Stone commercials I saw him in (and here is an swful version of the commercial):

There was some Men's Beach Volleyball last night. The US tandem of Rogers and Dalhausser dominated some fools last night. It was murderous. Oddly enough they lost to what looked like a very good Latvian team. I say looked like because apparently they lost to the Argentinians who then got crushed by the Americans. Full Circle. I guess that's karma.

The women's tandem of May-Treanor and Walsh rock though. I've only seen bits and pieces, but no women can stand up to their might!

Gymnastics floor exercise for men is gay.

The guys did look pretty good until the very end when they just blew it. It is all New Mexico's fault. There was a guy on the team from Rio Rancho (a suburb of Abq) and he stunk it up for the Americans including one point where he just stepped out of bounds for no real reason.

I have no clue how the scoring works in that sport. What look like good routines don't get that good of scores and bad routines get better scores. Also all the routines look pretty similar except for minor changes which apparently make all the difference in the scoring. Gimme an event where you can see a team dominating the other via a tangible scoring system like soccer and basketball any day.

We are losing to the Chinese in total gold, but are winning in total medals. I expect that to pick up once we win gold in every track event and basketball and after Phelps wins like 30 more gold in whatever sports he chooses after he is done with swimming. For stereotypical purposes, the Chinese should win in Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and table tennis. I could see the Japanese winning in Diving (although that is a little excessively mean).

That is all for now, but don't worry... I'll be back in a couple days with more thoughts from Beijing!

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