Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing Thoughts Thru Day 10

Sorry to all for falling behind. I haven't even been keeping good track of the Olympics outside of my preferred events. I do however have lots to say:

The USA Basketball team has been unstoppable thus far. Every game has been a blowout, with some games that don't end with the US up by over 25 points looking like nail biters. I love watching this team play crushing defense all game long. This team is called the "Redeem Team" by many and they are looking more like the Dream Team from '92! There have been some amazing plays which I can't show because they haven't been updated yet.

Since my last posting about Team USA, the Americans have beaten Angola (by 21), Greece (by 23), Spain (by 37), and Germany (by 49)! The biggest wins were over Greece and Spain. Spain was the gold medal winner of the 2006 World Championships, while Greece was the team to eliminate them from the gold medal game at those same World Championships. The biggest stamp was todays routing of Germany. The game started with the US up 20-3!

There have also been some amazing highlights too! Against Greece, Dwyane Wade tipped the ball away from the Greeks and had to chase the loose ball down. He managed to grab it, but he was falling out of bounds. In an act of desperation, he heaved the ball toward the hoop where Kobe Bryant was waiting to snatch it out the air. He did so and in tremendous fashion threw down one of the most blessed alley-oops of all time. This play could give Vince Carter a run for his money:

The other great play that I saw happened today against Germany. LeBron launched himself into outer space and threw down the most vicious dunk I have ever seen. I hope there are videos of these two plays in the next few days because I want to watch them over and over.

I managed to watch some Judo over the past few days as well. That event is over, but it was really fun to watch. Imagine two world class athletes (in fighting) grabbing each other and each trying to push and throw the other with as much might as possible. That is what Judo is all about. The coolest aspect of the sport... the fact that you can win in only one move!

Everyone knows this by now, but Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time. He pulled off the single most amazing comeback in Olympic history to win by 1/100 of a second! His relay teammates also put on a good showing to help him win his 8th medal and G.O.A.T. status. In good sport, the US Men's Basketball team showed up to watch him and the other Americans kick ass.

USA used to kick so much ass in Track & Field sprints, but after disappointing results in the 100m and 200m sprints, that honor is no longer ours. The best American didn't even qualify, but a man named Walter Dix managed to squeak out a Bronze. Asafa Powell didn't show up to yet another Olympiad (the media says he was a favorite in '04 but placed 5th). Usain Bolt dazzled the world with his world record shattering time of 9.69 seconds (which in 100m is shattering), and could have set an obliterating time if he didn't showboat in the last 20 or so meters. How on earth are people running so fast?!

Two American chicks lost in beach volleyball. Not the two good ones (May and Walsh), but the other two who weren't playing up to expectations. They lost to the Chinese in the quarter finals and I'm pretty sure they were eliminated. I am unsure because I saw this at a restaurant and there was no sound or closed caption and I haven't confirmed online. The US Men's Indoor Volleyball team was pretty awesome. I think I watched them destroy China, but I don't remember. Every hit is hard. It is just like watching the US Basketball team. That is definitely USA's style of play... physical.

I don't have anything else to say for now. Watch the Olympics and I'll provide some more insight in a couple of days.

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