Friday, August 1, 2008

Before and After

Randomly Grad Life Comment: In my original version of PandPT, I didn't have access to internet while I was in Hawaii, so I didn't post anything as it happened. This will be explained better in later posts from that blog, but from here on out the posts are chronological as I posted them when I wrote the blog (meaning it may not necessarily be in the order that it occurred on the trip). Back to the celebration with Pineapples and Palm Trees...

I left weighing 169 according to my home scale which I believe to be off. I have discovered that I now weigh...177lbs. A gain of 8lbs. I figured as much I must say. I ate like a Polynesian the entire time. The breakfast buffet at our first hotel was amazing. I will soon provide details about every aspect of the trip in chronological order as best I can. By this I mean I will start with the flight, but also discuss the flight back since categorically they should be under the same heading, thus putting the blog out of chronological order.

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