Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 weeks of Heaven

It is time for the Olympics, my favorite part of every other year (including Winter). Why am I so excited? It is a 2 week span of American domination. We don't win every event, but we do win a lot. We dominate in track and swimming, beach volleyball (which is really fun to watch), and some other events. I wanna throw basketball in there, but we just don't anymore.

This year is supposed to change all that. The Dream Team is really composed of the best basketball players on the planet and if they don't win, they don't have the drive to be champions (on an NBA level). I suggest you watch the basketball games, as some of my favorite players are on the team (see Dwight Howard and Chris Paul tear it up).

I also believe the women's basketball team is in the same boat... but who watches women's basketball anyways? No one.

Here is a list of sports that I will be eagerly watching:

Track - The sprints are fun and we crush all who oppose us. Prior to the Olympics we'd have Americans on the stand for gold, silver, and bronze. This year they only allowed 2 people per country to qualify.
Swimming - Same as track. We are awesome. Like sharks on llamas.
Basketball - This is the event I'd watch all the time, but its not so I have to watch other things as well.
Soccer - I'm a pretty big fan, without knowing any players. All I know is that it's under 23 year olds and that should give us an advantage cause America is one of the most athletic nations.
Beach Volleyball - This has nothing to do with the skimpy clothes. Volleyball is fun to play and put some sand under your feet and you have fun for hours. Ok and it has a little to do with the skimpy clothes.
Badminton - just kidding. I put this on cause I am forced to watch it now... that will be turned off as soon as I finish this though.
Gymnastics - this is more of a forced watch, because NBC will put this on in primetime. It's alright. The men are more entertaining than the women because they rely on pure strength instead of grace.
Random - There are some random events I hope to catch as well: Boxing, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Weight lifting, etc. I never get to watch too much of this though because they don't get priority and get thrown in with other unwatchable events like handball (which as I found out this morning is like crappy basketball).

I would watch badminton, but these guys are NOT on team USA:

Enjoy the Olympic Games and I'll keep you posted on what I though while I watch.


TestingTFV said...

What do you get when you cross water polo, basketball, and Greg Louganis? That's right the worst Olympic sport ever: team handball. I only once in my life ever saw something more lame, and it was a fight on Gold St. between Kid Rock's cousin who has lupus and some other guy. Why would they start off the Olympics by showing this stuff on TV? Way to ruin the Olympics, China, way to go. Clap clap.

Antman said...

It literally is a really crappy version of basketball. And it is also like the way kids cheat in soccer. I don't get how it isn't even easier to score. I see basketball players dribble through tons of guys all the time. Why can't these people do it?

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