Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where the Earth Meets the Sky

This could be my last writing ever. I don't know if I'll ever see anyone ever again as my plane plummets toward ocean at 700 miles per hour. The right engine fails unexpectedly and panic ensues. The oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, but what good are they gonna do? Children are crying, adults are screaming. I just sit there. I realize that my plane isn't crashing as I dream and hope for so often. In all these scenarios that I conjure up I am always the sole survivor. There would be more, but I never end up on a plane with hot girls. I know, I study everyone intently.

I finished packing and definitely overpacked. I have like 10 shirts for 7 days! But in my defense it is necessary because well, my shirts have to match the shoes that I brought with me. I wish I could bring my new ones. Oh they are so gorgeous and I will miss them dearly.

I leave for the airport in 30 min, my flight leaves in 2.5 hours, and I will be in Hawaii at 740pm local time. I have no clue how far behind they are over there. I am assuming it is like 6 hours from EST, so estimate 4 hours from here? It doesn't matter. I'm prepared to starve all day, but will recoup that tomorrow as I will no doubt pig out to compensate. This is the problem with guessing my weight. I may lose like 3 lbs, I may gain 7 lbs. No one can know for sure. It's on a mystery level with what killed the dinosaurs and what really happened to JFK.

My flight will transpire as follows: Leave ABQ at 12pm. Arrive in Phoenix at 1230pm. Wait around for 4 hours and finally leave for Hawaii on a 6/7 hour flight. Sit around for 7 days and fly back on the same route (but in reverse, not taking the same route in reverse order but actually flying backwards. Technology is amazing.) No I must stop writing so I can get the fuck up outta here and get to my island paradise. So long NM. Oh how I won't miss thee!

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